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Hand Process

All of Laughing Moon’s products are made in our Studio / Workshop in Ventura,
California.  We have been at this location since 1996.

Terrie paints her original design on paper or wood.  Next the image is scanned
and printed, in limited editions, using Lithograph or laser process.  The print
is laminated on high quality Baltic Birch plywood.  Holes for the pivot and pull
strings are drilled in their proper places.  Richard then cuts out the parts on
a band saw.  The pieces are sanded to remove any splinters that may be
present.  The Jumping Jack is assembled using wood pegs or screws for
the pivots, and silk cord for the pull strings.  The piece is tested to make
sure that it is articulated properly.


Laughing Moon presents a special series of limited edition, handmade Jumping Jacks from the Ventura, California workshop of artists Terrie and Richard Floyd.

Jumping Jacks are Folk Toys, whose origins date back hundreds of years. Known as "Hampelmann" in Germany, and "Le' Pantin" in France, they still hold a fascination for children and collectors alike.

The Floyds have been combining their painting, designing, and woodworking talents since 1967. Their work has been exhibited at fine Art and Craft shows throughout the western U.S. under the name "Toymakers".

Over the years, many people have made a family tradition of collecting and giving the
"Toymakers" Jumping Jack Puppets. Because of their whimsical nature, they are as endearing to adults as they are to children. Jumping Jacks make wonderful gifts for any occasion. These "Classic Action Figures" connect with that special child within us all.

This high quality edition of the Floyds art will be limited to various quantities, after which they will be retired and new designs will introduced. They are hand-crafted of the finest materials available and are constructed to be strong, durable, and to withstand normal play of children FOUR YEARS AND OLDER.



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